From the mobile therapist, to the experienced health professional, it is clear that in order to succeed, there are aspects of the business world that you must be familiar with. Business is hard enough, and by bringing together newcomers to the industry and industry experts, there is a high chance that business owners will gain knowledge that is often left out from the intensive training courses you attend to become qualified. It’s not just about running a business, but also being at the top of your game, whether you work on your own or as part of an established team.

With a good overview of business in the county, we have seen evidence that the health and beauty industry is often overlooked. Yes you can go to London and take part in glamorous training days and events, but by having something closer to home, you can widen your local network and in turn your own business progress.

The publicity that can be gained by being a finalist in such an awards ceremony shows your clients and possible new clients that you are serious about your business and are constantly striving for excellence. Having an award-winning logo on your website or promotional material, makes you stand out from your competition and could be a decision-maker for new customers.

We feel it’s important to encourage growth and development and so have designed a way, with the Kent Health & Beauty Awards, to bring together some of Kent’s shining stars and to create a really positive buzz around the health and beauty sector as a whole.

We hope you can see the benefit of entering the awards and please email if you have any questions.

Why Celebrate the Health and Beauty Sector?