Do you know what your clients are saying about your salon? – Beauty Experts Academy

We all think we know what clients are saying about our salon and what they want from us and what they like about us, but really when was the last time you actually asked them?

One important step to really understanding your clients and knowing how well you are doing is to ask them.

You can do this directly over a cup of coffee while you are doing their nails, their hair etc. but of course this may not always be appropriate.

You could ask them to fill in a customer satisfaction form while they are in the salon.

If you have their email addresses you could send them an email maybe with an incentive salon offer to fill in the questions.

You could pick up the phone and ask them during a quiet period.

You could ask them on your social media platforms.

However you decide to do it, you really MUST ask.

Ask them how you are really doing.

Ask them how you can be a better salon

Ask them the top 3 things they like about the salon and to tell you anything they do not like. Do not be scared to receive constructive criticism. Your customers may dislike things that are out of your control e.g. the parking and whilst you may have no control over the yellow lines outside your salon, you could provide suggestions of where they could park and for how long they can park there and how far it would be to walk to the salon from the car park or advise how to get you by public transport. Perhaps you could even team up with a local taxi service to offer reduced fares to all your clients.

These are all opportunities that could arise just by asking your clients what they think and it can help turn any negative feedback into a positive experience for your client next time around.

Be sure to ask open ended questions, one word answers will not help you to measure exactly what works well and what may need improvement. In order to get some really useful feedback, listen to the words that they use to describe your salon and what they get excited or upset about.

It is important to understand how clients see you because it could be very different to how you see yourself.

So once you have asked what they think about your salon the next important step is then to take notice of what has been said. Do not take customer feedback personally, it should always be viewed as an opportunity. It is about moving from being good at what you do to being the very best. If you find that clients like the way you do certain things is there any way this can be improved or are you already offering the very best that you can?

Could you offer additional services to compliment the things they are already enjoying and that are working well?

Are there any additional facilities that customers would like that you could easily and cost effectively introduce into your business?

Finding out what they think really helps your business to grow, and it prevents you from getting complacent. Complacency can kick in very easily, but it is important to keep things fresh in your business so that you can serve your existing clients better, and so that you can attract new clients.

You may be very surprised with the results, it may give you a different direction and new ideas for your salon that you had never thought of. It may be the chance you have been looking for to introduce something new to the business.

So stop wondering what it is they are saying and start asking!

Do you know what your clients are saying about your Salon?